7 Things you need to know before you put your home up for sale

1. Staged and Neutralized

There is a reason new home builders over invest in staging and design when you walk through their models. It works. It allows the potential buyer to dream into a life possible when purchasing your home. The best homes that beat the market have removed all personalities from the estate. 

2. Ongoing Ads on the Core 4

Google Display, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. There are different strategies for each of these platforms and they are crucial to get your home in front of the right buyers.

3. The right pricing strategy

The hardest objection to overcome is a poor pricing strategy. Why so? When priced wrong, there are a subset of buyers who won’t even write an offer because they’ll assume you are not motivated to sell.

4. Video walkthrough or matterport

Pictures are great. The one thing they leave out is how the home lays out. A video walkthrough can increase the seriousness of potential showings and offers.

5. Market to previous sales

Before we go to market, we have private conversations with every agent that has listed and/or sold a home in your neighborhood to give them an early opportunity to reach out to previous inquiries that may be interested in your home. This strategy can be very effective while causing immediate demand at launch.

6. The Pre-Inspection

There is nothing worse than going under contract only to find out that everything you negotiated is now gone because of unexpected repairs that arise in the general home inspection. Being prepared will keep money in your pocket.

7. Incentives

Anything you can do to stick out in this market will help. We have seen everything from smart home credits/gifts to commission incentives the first month. If you have competition for your home in your neighborhood, this could be the tipping factor when a buyer decides which home to write and offer on.