Your Closing Process

We’ve almost made it, just a few steps left and as the anticipation, excitement & a bit of stress start to kick in we want remind you to breathe, and always know what happens next.

What Happens Next:

  • If you haven’t already, review and sign your CD (Closing Disclosure) from your lender ASAP to start the 3-day waiting period before you can sign loan documents.
  • We’ll be reaching out shortly to coordinate your final walk through of your new home.
  • Our team will work with the escrow company to schedule the signing of your closing and loan documents.
  • At your signing appointment you will receive the estimated closing statement and the final amount of funds you will need to pay via wire (preferred if you have a loan) or cashier’s check.
  • Typically, on the closing day your lender will fund your loan. Once all monies have been received, the escrow company will release the signed documents to the county to transfer the property and record the deed into your name. Once we have confirmation of recording, we will be able to provide the keys to you. 


  • Bring your photo ID/license to your signing.
  • Sign any final contractual documents to complete your sale.
  • Set up transfer of utilities in your name.


Change of address checklist

Important Numbers