Your Escrow Process

The next 2-3 weeks will be busy with buyer inspections, questions and contractual deadlines, so let’s walk through what’s coming up in these next few weeks.

What Happens Next:

  • Sign any outstanding documents, new disclosures and contract documents
  • We will confirm ALL buyer inspections with you. Buyer inspections may consist of, but are not limited to:
    • Home | Pest | Roof | Pool
    • HVAC (Heat/Air) | Electrical | Plumbing | Windows
    • Well | Septic | Survey
    • Contractors | Flooring | Painters
    • Structural | Mold | Chimney
  • We will confirm the appraisal inspection time and date with you (If applicable).
  • Your home should be in show ready condition for the appraiser.
  • Buyers typically submit a ‘Request for Repair’ a day or two prior to their contingency removal for inspections.


  • During buyer inspections, please plan to be out of the home for the duration of the inspections and plan accordingly as the inspections will take several hours, 2-4 hrs on average.
  • Check your calendar timeline for important contract updates
  • Schedule and confirm date with movers
  • Please see ‘Important Numbers’ below to assist you with removing utilities from your name on the day your home is sold. (Or the last day of your rent back if applicable.)


Preparing for Showings

Important Numbers